The main difference between the Making Math Moments Online Workshop or our course The Concept Holding Your Students Back and the Academy is that the courses are standalone trainings on either building resilient problem solvers using our 3-part framework or addressing gaps in student learning. Each of those are 12 week “courses” that have a start date and end date where we walk you through how to start, plan, run, problem based lessons.

Think of the Academy as your home base for ongoing support and training — ALL YEAR. Our newest training courses are in there with more on the way. We have monthly LIVE Q AND A chats, access to exclusive math tasks ranging from grades 4-10 (with more added each month), and every member gets access to the community discussion board, where our already over 800 members are supporting each other with issues and suggestions.

An educator could start with the online workshop and then get ongoing support and resources in the academy. Or, alternatively an educator could start with the academy and then fill out their learning with the Online Workshop while the academy is there to support them.

If you register for the workshop then you'll receive a discount on joining the academy. If you join the academy, then you'll receive a discount to register for our standalone courses.

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